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This is a blog dedicated to documenting the lives, adventures and stores of the Jones family and their dear friends.  All content is original and photography is shot by a member of the Jones family. Our life is sporadic, have fun keeping up!


who are we?  We are the Jones family.  Our family includes Laura (the head honch0 and mother), Jerrod (the eldest and most anal), Israel (the obsessive compulsive), and Addison (queen bee).  We run and operate theSwankyAbode.com among other things.  We have a small wholesale candle line (bertu candles), a small jewelry line (bertu jewelry) a skateboard team and line (bertu skateboard), and from time-to-time pop-up retail stores. Toss in George (Laura’s true love), Boom (the most beautiful chocolate lab) and Morgan (Addison’s true love) and you’ve got one crazy swanky abode.

where are we from? Each one of us will tell you something different.  Mom’s a farm girl who grew up in the middle of Holmes County, OH (Amish country).  Jerrod grew up in the suburbs of Columbus (in an undisclosed location).  Israel will tell you he’s from Ohio, through and through.  Addison is from Delaware, although she left in fourth grade.  She will vehemently defend her heritage, even if she did attend four different high schools in two states.

what’s theSwankyAbode.com?  A curated mid-century furniture mecca!  We find and restore the classics along with items we love.  We only carry pieces we would put in our home.

what did we do before the Swanky?  Laura was a workaholic and absolutely no fun.  Jerrod was basking in nepotism, hired as an underling learning the ropes of national sales management.  Israel, being typical Israel, was off playing soccer  in some distant country.  Who knows what he was really doing.  Addy doesn’t remember life before Swanky except for her paradise internship in Hawaii…. Oh wait, that was during the start of this business.  We’ll cut her some slack as she was still in college.

how did we start?  We left a large company to start our own wholesale candle line.  Pop-up stores came as a result.  Our first store was a Christmas store called Glad Tidings at a high-end mall far from home.  After the first Glad Tidings, we began incorporating vintage into our mix. We were asked to stay past Christmas and had to develop a new concept that would work year round… NEST was born.  NEST was a cool hippy shop boasting air plants, sixties accessories, new merchandise, and a few pieces of mid-century furniture.  Our next venture opened soon after and was called SHINE.  SHINE had more of a focus on furniture, but still maintained a mix of new and vintage.  The following year we were offered a much bigger space.  We realized a constant change of names probably wasn’t great for the business.  We liked our names, but so did a lot of other stores that shared them.  We needed a name that incorporated all of our passions, and was still fun.  We arrived on theSwankyAbode.com.  We opened our 10,000 sf pop-up store in the fabulous Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH.  We are very proud of our humble beginnings and of the 8 pop-up stores we developed.  We are also very grateful for the customers, mall management and staff that gave us our start.  Without you there would be no Swanky.

are we going to have another store?   Hopefully not. We don’t like working 100 hrs. a week, but on occasion we’re known to be whores.

what’s the best part of having a family business?  Obviously, working with each other and, when times get rough, having a drink at noon!  It’s forced family fun 24-7.  Thank God we like each other.

where do we get our stuff?  Our slogan: we do it so you don’t have to.  There are times when we walk into obscure auctions and think we’ve found ourselves in the Star Wars bar.  What some think is junk, we bring home and love it up.

do we count being a “professional” indoor soccer player as being a professional soccer player?  No, therefore Israel is not a professional soccer player.  Israel’s response: “read the PASL website which states ‘professional arena soccer league'”.  He still isn’t a professional soccer player. Nice try!



  • Liz Marasco


    My name is Liz, and I’m from Columbus Alive. Nest & Shine has been nominated in our “Best New Store” category for our annual “Best of Columbus” list. I had some trouble finding a phone number for your store so if you could have a manager call me, that would be great. My cell number is 440-781-2742.



  • Anna Shoup

    Hello! My name is Anna Shoup and Im currently attending the University of Cincinnati with a major in Fashion Design Product development. This coming spring Im seeking a cop-op job with a potential business such as this. I actually visited your store last fall and loved your products. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. And I’m posting this all here because I wasn’t sure of an email address for your store. Thanks so much for your time!
    Anna Shoup

    • twelveeight

      Hi Anna! Thanks for contacting us. Currently, we are in the process of moving from Shine, our location in Polaris Mall, to our newest, biggest store called The Swanky Abode, over at Easton Mall. It will be located on the corner across from Nordstrom and Anthropologie. Please feel free to stop in there and check out the new digs once we open on March 1! In terms of hiring information, internships, or any other opportunities with us, stop in our current location called Nest (also in Easton) or email Israel Jones (one of the owners) at izzejones@gmail.com. I hope this helps! Thanks again and best of luck at Cinci :)

      • Anna Shoup

        Thanks so much for the reply. However, I didn’t get any response from Israel. Im going to send another email to him. And I’m also hoping to get up to Columbus next week. If there is anything else I can do or someone to call, please let me know. Thanks again for all the help!

  • David Gobeli

    I have a small company in Columbus called BasilicusJones that specializes in making home accessories from reclaimed and recycled materials. Many of my items are reminiscent of those that are in your new store. It would be a pleasure to be able to talk to someone about possibly selling my products at The Swanky Abode. My current products can be seen at BasilicusJones.etsy.com. If you could pass on who I might be able to talk to about this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, David Gobeli

    • theswankyabode

      Hi David! Thanks for thinking of us and for reaching out. We love to see what talented locals like you are making, and would be happy to take a look at your home accessories. It would be best to bring in some samples of your work to the store between Monday and Friday, so that Laura Jones can take a look and chat with you. She makes most of the decisions regarding what products fit the store’s style, and which might not be quite right. Laura is in town during the week within regular store hours, which 9am – 9pm on those day. Please feel free to bring in some items so we can take a look!

  • Julianne


    I must plan a road trip to meet Laura & of course all of you! I absolutely Love the, ” ABOUT, on swanky abode…. I have 18 & 20 year old sons who frequently assist in my Mid Century furniture business along with my husband Peter & Max our black lab….would love to stories & experiences….you all are a true inspiration!

    Julianne Roehouse LLC

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